Emotional Cinematic
A/V Electronic Tale

The journey is from the freedom of living in the moment as a hunter-gatherer, through subjugation via superstition, through subjugation via industrialization, through subjugation via artificial intelligence, through to liberty of thought via reclaiming the moment as experienced by the hunter-gatherer.

Head-up, soul wide, gliding across the plain. Present Senses searching. Watching, breathing, hearing, Bare feet feeling the earth, Heart rooted in nature. Life nasty, brutish and short. But at least aware, at least alive, at least here.


Head bowed, lined up, cleric in the ear. Fear. Supplicant to black books, slave to hellish eternity’s threat. Hour upon hour of prayers to nothing, Century upon century of crushed ideas. Life for the many, desperate, painful, short. Faith placed in the life to come, not the horrors of now. Can they be blamed?